Monday, July 26, 2010

Moby Dick comes out all the time

This is what I am talking about. Unless you are looking for it, these Moby Dick references just go right past you.

The other night I was watching the O'Reilly Factor and his last story, you know how they always finish with some fluff little news piece, was about a whale ripping a yacht apart. Of course, Bill O'Reilly kept calling him Moby Dick. I'm sitting there watching it, just itching to ask Bill if he ever read the book--well, with the nuns, he was probably made to). However, even in just referencing it to his very literate audience, we are all supposed to know what he is referring to! That is the amazing bit.

The images are quite dramatic. (Images copyright and taken from
Whoever shot that pic of the whale breaching, about to hit the boat, was sensational.

TAKE THAT! It's a whale of a tale as modern-day Moby Dick attacks a yacht!

I heard on a news program the other day (this is unsubstantiated, by the way) that the boat was apparently harassing the whale, which is why it attacked. They are currently under charges, supposedly, or being investigated. Now, a yacht is a lot of money--will that guy want revenge??

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