Friday, July 23, 2010

The Build-up to the end

It is actually getting a bit fascinating.

Mind you, I never would have gotten this far if it wasn't for strong-willed, pure determination. Melville does not build the climax along like the Harry Potter books. (I have read the first three Harry Potter books and going to read the 4th one soon. All I know is that Rowling really can build a climax that keeps you turning those pages and those chapters. If anything, she is superb at that. Hundreds of pages before the ending of the books, you are dying to know what's going on, like very few authors I have experienced. It's no wonder she was such a hit with these books.)

I just started Chapter 128. My, oh my, are the forces of nature and fate building to the inevitable confrontation in these last few chapter. The weather tries to bar his way. When the ship catches fire on the top of the mast and Melville likens them to candles burning is pretty good. Ahab says, "'Ego non baptizo te in nominee patris, sed in nominee diaboli'" which translates to: I baptize you not in the name of the Father, but in the name of the devil. (Translation from That's pretty good, isn't it.

And now they are talking to another ship, the Rachel, who has just seen the white whale yesterday. Ahab is full of joy. I actually might finish this book today.

I might actually finish Moby Dick today. This is a day that has been, what, 24 years in the making? I am going to kill my white whale.

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Steve Whitt said...

Here is Ahab's great declaration of independence. What did you think of it?