Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dicky Moe

I completely forgot about this old Tom & Jerry cartoon called "Dicky Moe." I found it on Youtube. It is amazing what you can find on Youtube.

Tom and Jerry get shanghaied after Ahab's crew, seemingly having all their wits, actually abandon him before they set sail. The name of the ship, hilariously, is the Komquot.

I like how the Ahab captain is constantly muttering the name of Dicky Moe.

It takes a while for it to get moving, a whole heck of a lot like the book. Tom chases Jerry for a while when the setting has nothing to do with their chases for the most part.

The ending, with Tom wrapped in the ropes around the whale, is eerily reminiscent of the best scene in the book, where Ahab is about to hurl the harpoon and sees Fedallah, dead with eyes still open, tied up on Moby Dick's back. So that part of this cartoon is super cool.

Again, I wonder how much the audience already knows of what the whole reference is for this cartoon. It would be interesting to show it unannounced to a bunch of people and see what they know before and after.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Very nice cartoon. Ahab has the white scar in his face, his white leg... Very nice indeed. By the way, am I wrong or Ishmael did spend one night in a place with a whale sign?