Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moby Dick Postertext

This website has very interesting literary adaptations of classic novels:

From the website:
This Moby Dick poster is created using the first 26 chapters of the

A literary classic first published in 1851, Moby
Dick represents the ultimate human struggle. A masterpiece of
storytelling and symbolic realism, this thrilling adventure and epic saga pits
Ahab, a brooding sea captain, against the great white whale that crippled him.
More than just the tale of a hair-raising voyage, Melville's riveting story
passionately probes man's soul.
Author: Herman Melville
Dimensions: 24x30" - 61x76cm

I really like what they did here. Interestingly, from my perspective of looking into the status of "classic" for Moby Dick, there are only ten books that get this special treatment. Granted, the subject of the book kind of lends itself to an adaptation--I mean, what would you do with some other classics? Of all the classics to adapt in this wonderful style, this is one of the ten.

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