Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moby Dick in Apple iPad Mini commercial

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Is Moby-Dick a favorite for commercials?

Of ALL the books in the world, and all the books especially in the public domain that one can read off the new iPad Mini, Moby-Dick once again surfaces to the top of the list.

Granted, in this commercial, Moby-Dick is actually on the big iPad, trying to show the difference. Also on the big iPad is East of Eden, another very long novel. I can't say for sure if that is what they are showing--big, unwieldy novels versus short novellas. I don't know how long Louis L'Amour's How the West Was Won is, or Jack London's The Valley of the Moon. In fact, that Jack London book is a strange choice, if that is the case. I actually have never even heard of The Valley of the Moon (and I am an English major), and a better choice would have been the very short Call of the Wild by London.

However, Moby-Dick gets into yet another new technology commercial. Of all the books in the world. Personally, I still think I never would have finished Moby-Dick had it not been for my Sony eReader. I wonder how many new readers of Moby-Dick are trying it out on these new technologies?

No, I really want to know. It would tell me a lot as someone very critical of the novel. People have these amazing new technologies for reading easily. And Moby-Dick is free in a hundred different ways. So if people are using these technologies, are they reading a free book that is considered a classic the world over? If it is so darn good, why aren't people reading it?

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Steve Whitt said...

I owned a paperback copy of Moby-Dick for many, many years, but could never get through it. I picked up a free ebook copy of it and finally read the whole thing on my Nook. I wrote about the experience on my blog