Friday, October 19, 2012

AT&T Commercial featuring Moby Dick and Ryan Hall

AT&T Commercial (2012) (Television Commercial) - Connecting Pop Culture:

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AT&T commercial this year features Olympic runner Ryan Hall on a training run. He is showcasing the speed and ubiquity of the 4G network as he streams two books.

One is the epic poem by Homer The Odyssey. It is long. That is what they are focusing on.

He stops running because he needs another "read." So he chooses a long one--notoriously long, right? He chooses Moby-Dick.

The focus being on the interminable length of the novel seems to point to Moby-Dick being inaccessible unless a lot of time is devoted to it. However, it also shows that it must be an accessible read to be able to digest it while on the run.

Again, of all the books, they choose Moby-Dick. Not Ulysses, not even War and Peace, which is also notoriously long.

Just interesting.

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