Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hakugei Volume 6

The last volume of the animated space version of the WHALE saga.

Goes out rather with a whimper, if you ask me.

Dew us the detonation device. Ahab and crew go looking for him.

Ahab: The reason I came to this dying planet was to get back at that bastard. That damn white whale...

The new Federation President is the late Caption Ho's father.

The Federation starts attacking Moad--what do they need Dew and Moby Dick for then??

Ahab: [if Lucky hadn't have shown up] I probably would have forgotten all about Moby Dick.

(Wow--completely destroys any kind of obsession necessary for the plot.)

Moby used to be a physicist named Abel Cain (completely a reference to the biblical sons of Adam and Eve), convicted of treason against the Federation.

He created the planet-destroyer weapon but tried to prevent its use.

Moby Dick's wave uncovers Ahab's ship and they consider it a direct challenge from Moby Dick. Cool.

Ahab has to kill Cain's half/Dew in order to win.

Moby turns and detonates far off into space.

Everybody lives--no final denoument other than the dead android Sarah waking up and just saying the names of all the crew members.

That's the end??

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