Friday, May 20, 2011

Face to face with Moby Dick underwater pictures

A researcher off the coast of Dominica took some spectacular underwater photos of being extremely close to sperm whales. Apparently, sperm whales are there all year round, possibly due to a limited continental shelf there. This is all according to the interview on the Fox News site.

Now, the only mention to Moby Dick is from the researcher and the title of the news segment. The researcher does say that sperm whales have had two hundred years of bad press since Melville's book and even recently with Nathaniel Philbrick's book.

At least this tries to distance itself from the book. But it does acknowledge its impact. I thought for sure one of the news anchors would say something about it, but they didn't. The one news anchor does ask if you should ever be afraid of the whale hitting you with its tail and doing damage but then this is where the researcher talks of the bad press. So the news anchor, consciously or subconsciously, knew of the potential for destruction revolving sperm whales. You wonder if it would have been the same with any other breed of whale.

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