Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Been awhile

Hi there

It's been ages. Ages and ages. Just went through another move and found my copy of Moby Dick staring at me, still with my bookmark in it.

I read another chapter. Chapter 70. Still boring as hell. Talking about decapitating the whale and hanging the head over the side. I guess this does two things a)relates the size of the beast and b)gives yet more background on the whaling industry.

Ahab does have them get on with things.

I will read more. I promise. It is summer again and I have some time. Some. Not only am I teaching summer school next week, which I have not even begun the curriculum for it, I will also be in Chicago for a week's training for the AP Literature class. I will bring the book with me that week to pass the time.

Also, I think I need to expand things here. Not only have I found several more comic book versions of Moby Dick, I have ben finding more and more references to the White Whale. Again, I believe this is interesting that people are referencing, alluding, to a story that many do not read anymore.

This brings a thought--can you still check to see how many physical copies are being purchased of this book?

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