Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The internet is wonderful for one thing above all: finding others out there in the void whom you would never meet otherwise that are going through the same things as you.

The coolest person emailed me because she found my MYMOBYDICK blog and said, " (I, too, pretended to read it in high school)." Meg Guroff gathered all of these annotations for herself and decided to share them with the world to make it easier to read this massive tome. The website is then called POWERMOBYDICK.

The annotations, if you can see them in this picture, if not, go to the website, easily add to the readability of the book. They are not footnotes or endnotes so you don't have to turn pages to take you away from the reading. This is exactly like your high school English textbook with the side margins. Remember those?

All of the references are quickly delineated. Strange words are defined and this book has a ton of strange words.

It truly does make it more readable. I must find out how to do my own over some of the texts I teach in high school.

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